BioForum 2016

on the 9 - 10th
of May 2016


The company was founded in 1996 by Tadeusz Pietrucha, a scientist working at the Medical University of Łódź. Studies in the US as well as observing how business was carried out by American biotech scientists, made professor Pietrucha make the decision to establish Bio-Tech Consulting.


In 1998 the web portal Biotechnologia.pl was brought to life. At that time it was the first web portal devoted to biotechnology. The project has been growing rapidly since its foundation, and is renowned among scientists and businessmen. It is also the biggest web portal dedicated to biotechnology and innovative biobusiness in Poland. This project led to the establishment of Bio-Tech Media Ltd., a Bio-Tech Consulting subsidiary.


The next stage in the development of the company were science/business conferences, devoted to biotechnology and bioeconomy – BioForum.

The aim of BioForum has always been to establish a platform for scientists wanting to carry out biotech R&D projects with companies from the biotech sector, wanting to do business. The most important aspect has always been to appreciate the role of innovation in the growth of the companies themselves. Currently, Bioforum is still growing and evolving. Our goal is for BioForum to become distinctive and renowned among the biggest biotech fairs – BioConvention in the USA, and Biotechnika or EuroBio in Europe.

Biotechnology Mini-Incubator

Our company consistently improves the tools and techniques used in biotech R&D project commercialization. In November 2007, with the Łódź City Council and Centre of Medical Biotechnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, our company launched the ‘Biotechnology Mini-Incubator’. The Incubator is placed in the PAS campus in Łódź, in the Medical Biology Institute. In the Incubator, three biotechnology companies were born.


Bio-Tech Consulting actively participates in establishing new biotech start-ups and business projects. Our company is the co-founder of Mabion S.A. and cooperates with Polish seed capital funds, specializing in financing biotech projects.

We constantly improve our methodologies of valuation and assessment of R&D project commercial value, as well as due dilligence research for innovative biotech companies.

Polish Biotech Association

In 2014, we managed to register Polish Biotech Association – the union of small and medium-sized enterprises from Poland representing life sciences sector. One of the core objectives of the Polish Biotech Association is influencing the National Centre for Research and Development to create sectoral programs that take into account Polish realities and to support the actual development of biotechnology, implemented on the basis of small and medium-sized enterprises. An important activity of this association are efforts to adapt existing legislation to the requirements of the operation of innovative companies as well as development of regional cooperation, mainly with companies from Central European countries, as well as the promotion of innovative Polish biosector domestically and abroad.

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