Biotech Guide 2018

Growing Polish Biobusiness - Guide to Biotech, Pharma & Medical Devices Companies

Guide to Biotech, Pharma & Medical Devices Companies  is the first comprehensive publication of entities from the biotechnology industry on the Polish market. It purpuose is to showcase the richness of ever-growing life science market in Poland.
The publication is the only such a detailed study of the industry available today. It contains everything you will need to find potential business partners, service and products providers or distributors in Poland. Characteristics, contact details and informations about projects, products and services of four hundred companies, all at your hand.
130 manufacturers of medical devices,
180 pharma companies
and 100 biotech companies in one place

Language: English

Publisher: Bio-Tech Consulting sp. z o.o.

Year published: 2018

Pages: 283

Size: 21×21 cm

Price: 300 PLN / 70 EUR (VAT inc) + shipping*

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