BioForum 2016

on the 9 - 10th
of May 2016

Assessment of the commercial potential

Bio-Tech Consulting specializes in the evaluation of the commercial potential R&D projects. We support our customers from the planning stage for future research and development activities, to the stage of implementation of new solution to industry. A comprehensive assessment of the commercial potential helps to reduce the risk resulting from the adoption of misguided investment decisions, revealing the strengths and weaknesses of the analyzed solution.


Evaluation of the commercial potential is a complex process that includes the analysis of the following items:

  • technology (especially the identification of technological advantage),
  • intellectual property (especially determination of the status of intellectual property protection, and an analysis of production and trade freedoms),
  • the market (especially its size, trends, forecasts, competitors solutions and products),
  • regulatory issues,

Sample applications

  • assessment of the merits of starting any research and development project (prevention of unnecessary costs),
  • choosing the most appropriate intellectual protection form,
  • determining the most promising markets for implementation of new product or service.

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