BioForum 2016

on the 9 - 10th
of May 2016

Economic relevance of patent protection

When planning the future long-term activity of a company in a given market, the key element is to provide patent protection of a new product or service. However, costs associated with obtaining and maintaining such protection in all potentially interesting markets, are not always justified from an economic point of view. Bio-Tech Consulting team supports customers in identifying markets, which are the most attractive targets for territorial expansion.


Analysis of the economic relevance of patent protection comprises the following elements:

  • primary assessment and determining the optimal scope of service with the client;
  • conducting a detailed economic analysis;
  • recommendations, together with a discussion of the results.

Sample applications

  • creating intellectual property protection strategies for new products or services
  • creating marketing strategies for products or services
  • planning expansion into new markets

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