IP management

Bio-Tech Consulting provides advisory services to young entrepreneurs, mature businesses, and public
sector research institutions looking to enter their novel technologies to the marketplace, or to optimize
the organization’s current portfolio.

Idea Generation
  • State of the Art Search
IP Protection
  • Patentability Search
  • IP Protection Strategy
IP Portfolio Development
  • Patent Landscape Analysis
  • Freedom-to-Opeate Analysis
  • Commercial Opportunities Identification
  • Strategic Partners Identification
Sample applications
  • assessment of the merits of starting any research and development project (prevention of bearing unnecessary costs, violation of rights of third parties, developing the solutions of not sufficient technological advantage, or not having the patentability),
  • support in choosing the most advantageous method for the protection of the intellectual property,
  • obtaining information on trends in development in the field, areas where the solution is protected, or patent strategy of the competition.