BioForum 2016

on the 9 - 10th
of May 2016

The Bio-Tech Group

BioTechConsultingLogo bwBio-Tech Consulting Ltd. has created the Bio-Tech Group, which consists of three more entities: Bio-Tech Media Ltd, Innowet Ltd., CMS Code Ltd. and Phagis Ltd.


Innowet Sp. z o.o.


Phagis Sp. z o.o.

This enterprise is owner and publisher of internet portals: Biotechnologia.plLabNews.pl and CEbiotech.com. Through its activities, this company provides a great deal of life sciences related information for everyone.

  • Innowet Ltd.

Company was launched in July 2016. It conducts R&D activities aimed at launching new veterinary products. First one is a protein used as a feed additive which increases the resistance of poultry to bacterial infection and causes 5-10% increase in muscle mass, which shortens the production of broilers and increases the economic efficiency of breeding.

A unique combination of R&D facility and clinic. CMS Code focuses on activities related to personalized medicine – company offers diagnostic services to patients and has its own R&D department working on innovative solutions in this field.

  • Phagis Ltd.

Start-up develops innovative pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, as well as food products, based on the patented technologies utilizing the potential of bacteriophages.

mabion bw PBA bw

Our company is also a co-founder and co-owner of biotechnological company Mabion Inc.. It is a leading Polish biotechnology company which has been established to introduce to the market the latest generation of drugs based on humanized monoclonal antibodies.

We are also the founders of Polish Biotech Association – the association of SMEs active in life sciences sector in Poland.

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