We deliver expert valuation and accurate economic and strategic advice. Our main area of expertise in
this field is the valuation of intangible assets and early stage technologies. Our valuation professionals
understand both technology and regulatory risks as value drivers that can affect a valuation result.

We specialize in the valuation of intangible assets, which include: 

  • patents and patent applications,
  • know-how,
  • brands and trademarks,
  • computer programs,
  • completed R&D projects,
  • specific contracts (eg. licensing agreements).

Additionally, our company offers a valuation of shares in the company, as well as the entire company or its organized part.

Valuation process

Intangible assets are a complex and diverse group of assets, therefore the process of valuation and the methods used may differ between individual cases. Nevertheless, each valuation process carried out by our company comprises of the following elements:

  • identification and definition of the subject of valuation,
  • gathering the necessary data,
  • acceptance of the valuation assumptions by the customer,
  • analysis of the gathered information and preparation of the valuation,
  • presentation of the results.

Our analysts are capable of using the following valuation methods, depending on the needs of individual cases:

  • income valuation approach – based on predicting the future potential income,
  • market valuation approach – based on historical sales values of similar assets,
  • cost valuation approach – based on the cost of reconstruction or replication of assets.
Sample applications
  • determination of the fair value of intangible asset for the purpose of transaction (sale, purchase, licensing),
  • determination of the fair value of intangible asset to support the investment decision,
  • determination of fair value of intangible asset for the purpose of creation of the commercialization strategies and business plans.